How To

calendar spam

How to stop calendar spam

Ever come across a jarringly unfamiliar event like ““$$$ Playmate Wanted $$$” in your online calendar? It’s time to report calendar spam and update your calendar settings.
privacy policy

How to read a privacy policy

Before using an app, privacy experts advise searching its fine print for keywords that may highlight the company’s data collection, retention, protection, and sharing practices. Here’s how.
deregister Signal

Done with Signal? Not so fast

Because Signal ties its app to phone numbers, it intercepts text messages between former and current users. That is, unless former users properly deregister their numbers. Here’s how.

Primer: What’s in an APT

“No one is immune” to advanced persistent threats, or APTs, which hackers use to surreptitiously gain access to a network and stay undetected for a long period of time.

5 Twitter do’s and don’ts

From verifying link destinations to being cautious about what you share, social-media privacy expert Hayley Kaplan outlines how to safely use President Trump’s favorite pulpit.
secure apps

10 secure apps to try in 2017

Making a new year’s resolution to clean up your digital-security act? Here are 10 secure apps to consider, from ad blockers and password managers to private browsers and secure messaging apps.
holiday scams

5 holiday scams to avoid

Holiday chaos, combined with increases in online gift shopping and charitable giving, form a perfect storm for scammers to strike. From email scams to fake charities, here’s what to look out for.
Tumblr hack

How to recover from a Tumblr hack

The Yahoo microblogging service acknowledges that millions of its users’ account credentials have been compromised in recent years. Here’s how to regain control of and further secure yours.
send money

How to send money securely

It seems like every day there are more and more options for sending and receiving money online. Here’s six tips for staying safe for handling money on your computer and phone.
phishing scams

How to avoid phishing scams

With the credentials you enter in response, phishers generally hope to access (and wreak havoc) on your financial accounts. Here’s what to look for—and how to deal, if you fall victim.
block mobile ads

How to block mobile ads

Advertisements on your phone do more than just tax your battery and make it hard to see your already small screen. They’re also used to deliver malicious software. Here’s how to block them.