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Is doxing ever appropriate?

how the Internet multiplies personal power yet,” — Molly Sauter, Internet historian and researcher. It’s very difficult for academic or law enforcement organizations to keep track of trends in doxing,...

Cybercriminals, now at your service

include malware, botnet, or data network access, or distributed denial-of-service or ransomware schemes. Malware kits selling for less than a hundred dollars may include customer support, upgrades, and online help,...
identity fraud

How identity fraudsters operate

a background check for a job because someone committed a crime in your name.” Credit scores for sale One challenge for fraudsters is that synthetic accounts often lack a credit...
dark side of bug bounties

The dark side of bug bounties

programs are fast becoming a mainstream defensive security technique, and now include not only organizations which pay hackers who report vulnerabilities, but vulnerability disclosure programs, that neither penalize nor reward...