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Is doxing ever appropriate?

...who’ve indicated they were pro-White,” says Black, who describes himself to The Parallax as a “pro-White activist” who hasn’t been a member of the KKK “since 1987.” Black says these...

Cybercriminals, now at your service

...or criminals looking to ply their trade online. Welcome to the latest twist on the hacker black market: cybercrime as a service. CAAS differs from other black-market hacking services because...
identity fraud

How identity fraudsters operate

...but add a credit card that’s 10 years old, that synthetic profile looks 10 years old as well,” Johnson says. “You can go from a credit score to a high...
dark side of bug bounties

The dark side of bug bounties

...and some security researchers argue that organizations which buy vulnerabilities and then keep them open instead of fixing them are effectively weaponizing the exploits. “There’s folks that are out there...