Privacy advocates split on California’s Prop. 24

San Franciscans line up to receive in-person voting materials at the city's Civic Center polling station on Election Day. Among the proposed laws facing Californians is Prop. 24, which would increase privacy protections in many cases but loosen them in others. Photo by Seth Rosenblatt/The Parallax
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How to read a privacy policy

Before using an app, privacy experts advise searching its fine print for keywords that may highlight the company’s data collection, retention, protection, and sharing practices. Here’s how.
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How identity fraudsters operate

A notorious cyberthief turned security consultant walks us through the “synthetic identity fraud” process, from searching the Dark Web to pulling credit reports to opening accounts.
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Beware the dangers of bias in AI

While others fear sentient robots eradicating humanity, there’s a much more urgent and imminent concern about how algorithmic and data bias can threaten society, Emily Crose argues.

5 Twitter do’s and don’ts

From verifying link destinations to being cautious about what you share, social-media privacy expert Hayley Kaplan outlines how to safely use President Trump’s favorite pulpit.