Editorial Disclosure

The Parallax is fully funded by a single sponsor: Antivirus software maker Avast.

I first started speaking with Avast about launching a security news site in late March 2015. Since our first conversation, Avast has been willing, without hesitation, to give me and The Parallax full editorial discretion. This includes selecting stories to pursue and deciding how to write them. It also includes regularly publishing an ombudsman review of the site, as well as consulting with a board of advisers comprised of security, journalism, and tech industry professionals. We hope to have these in place by the end of the year.

This kind of structure, while increasingly common, is still unusual, and I understand that it might give some readers pause. I believe, however, that it offers a path forward for what is quickly becoming a scarce commodity: journalism measured in quality, not clicks.

Avast’s management team has been supportive of the possibility that The Parallax will, at some point, have to cover errors made by our sponsor. Editorial interference by Avast, which plans to promote its products by running one ad on our main page and one ad per story, will result in the closing of The Parallax. This has been our framework since our first day of negotiations. It remains a commitment to ourselves and our readers.

I am happy to answer any questions about our relationship with Avast. I also welcome other feedback and suggestions. I can be e-mailed directly at seth@the-parallax.com.

Thank you,

Seth Rosenblatt

Editor, The Parallax